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When a Norwegian Travel Magazine writes about you...

Imagine my excitement when a Norwegian travel writer reached out earlier this year, seeking my insights on the hidden gems of Mitte, the district I called home at the time. The result? A proud moment of seeing my curated selection featured in the illustrious pages of 'Vagabond Reiselyst'—a Norwegian travel magazine. It's an honor to have my recommendations—handpicked hotels, restaurants, museums, and must-see sights—immortalized in a publication that values authentic travel experiences.

The pride of seeing those insights captured in a print publication? Immeasurable.

It's a testament to the passion I hold for this district and the delight in offering a local's perspective to eager travelers seeking genuine adventures. Having this feature in 'Vagabond Reiselyst' is not just a recognition of my knowledge but a heartfelt invitation to explorers to delve into the soul of Mitte.

While it's unfortunate that the feature isn't accessible on their website, it's exclusively available in print. However, I've got you covered! I've shared a screenshot - that is, if you understand Norwegian ;)

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