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About Me...

Joining the family trade, I'm a second-generation tour guide, following in my mother's footsteps as she navigated East Berlin's streets in the 1980s. Thankfully, times have shifted, and I no longer have to scan my tour groups for KGB or Stasi spies! Born in 1988, I grew up in a city that was growing up itself post Berlin Wall, and I've been smitten with it ever since.

From a young age, I knew I wanted to share Berlin's wonders with others. Its history, its quirks, its hidden gems—everything about it fascinates me. So, at just 20 years old, I gave my first tour, unaware of the impact it would have on my life.

Fast forward to today, and I'm still at it, proudly leading locals and travelers alike through Berlin's streets since 2008. Along the way, I studied History and English, earned a Master's Degree in European Studies, lived in New York, and worked with the best of the best in the tour business. And when the world hit pause in 2020, I seized the opportunity to launch my own tour company, creating bespoke experiences for visitors to Berlin from across the globe.

When I'm not guiding, you might catch me on the airwaves at 100,6 FluxFM or enjoying quality time with my wife (she used to be a tour guide, too!) and our two-year-old tornado—I mean, son. 

I'm also part of a comedy trio. We're known as "A Spoonful of Deutschland," and we've mastered the art of turning Germany's history into Disney song parodies. Check out our rendition of "Under The Sea" about the East Germany.

Guiding isn't just a job for me; it's my calling—a way to share Berlin's history, culture, and stories with others. Whether you're a solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends, I'm here to show you the time of your life in Berlin. And if for any reason I am unavailable, I have a network of trusted colleagues who can step in for me.

...And About My Team:

In case I’m unavailable to guide myself, I have a group of good friends and colleagues, whom I’ve worked with for years and whom I trust blindly with my clients:


„Alex is a superb guide - knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He was able to explain clearly Berlin’s past in the context of 19th and 20th century Europe. He pitched the history at the right level leaving us keen to learn more. Although I was looking forward to a native Berliner I didn't feel a difference.“


Alex grew up in Long Island, New York and also in North Carolina. He studied History and German Studies at East Carolina University with two semesters abroad in Tübingen. No wonder he ended up in Berlin in 2010, where he got a M.A. in Global History from the Free University and also started guiding in 2012. Besides that, he’s the team lead at a Berlin start up and operates his own touring business: Check out "Your Trip Berlin" for complete group packages. Alex and I love exploring abandoned sights in and around Berlin, and have been to some crazy places! He’s super knowledgable and has a great sense of humor.


"Anja was our tour guide. She was great! So enthusiastic and encouraged questions and knew so much history! Would recommend this tour!"


Meet Anja, born near Magdeburg in the former GDR. Since 2014, she has called Berlin home. With a background in prehistory and anthropology from the University of Hamburg, she has been a museum guide since 2005, sharing stories of ancient Romans and Germanic tribes across various museums. In 2014, she settled in Berlin and transitioned into city guiding. She currently works with Original Berlin Walks, Insider Tours, and the Museum in Berlin-Karlshorst. Berlin holds a special place in her heart as one of the most wonderful cities in the world. She takes great joy in showcasing its fascinating past to visitors, whether it's the highlights, Berlin under National Socialism, or Berlin during the Cold War.


„Our tour guide Heidi was amazing!! Super informative, extremely friendly and overall a great guide. She was happy to answer all of the questions we had, she was very knowledgeable about everything! Such a lovely person. I would 100% recommend booking this tour.“


Heidi has been a Berlin guide since 2016. She’s half German, half-British, as her mother escaped to the UK from East Berlin just before the Berlin Wall was built. Before Heidi moved back to the town that her mother had to leave so dramatically, she studied Literature at Columbia University in New York and lived and worked in China for many years. She’s one of the nicest, friendliest people I know and knows a lot about Berlins history!


„Jamie was our guide. He is the BEST guide we’ve ever had. An archaeologist, he is passionate about history and brought history to life for us. Jamie captured all our attention, adults and kids alike, including an eleven year old, with all the historical accounts and interesting facts. He had a wealth of historical knowledge and was able to answer the many questions we directed at him.“


Jamie is originally from the Isle of Wight, but his professional career as an archaeologist has brought him all over the world. He studied history and archaeology in London, has lectured at Durham University as well as Humboldt University, and has over fifteen years’ experience supervising excavations in Britain, Germany, Romania and Italy, including Pompeii, and worked as a field archaeologist here in Berlin, where he shed new light on the city's medieval history. He moved to Berlin in 1999. No wonder he’s been one oft he best tour guides here since 2004!


„Our guide Maria was just the best. Nice person, perfect English, truly committed and an enthusiast. She was extremely knowledgeable about the subject. I would highly recommend her tour.“


Maria is half-Swedish and half-Japanese. She left Sweden at an early age to study Theatre and History in London, where she also worked as a guide, actress and model. In 2007 she relocated to Berlin and has been a guide here ever since! She has a great passion for history and music – as she’s also a part-time music journalist. Fun fact: You’ll be able to see Maria in Evita. And definetly ask her about her role in the Alien Experience and that time she went on a date with Malcolm Young from AC/DC.


„Nickolai is a true gem. From being open  in sharing his own storied past with to being immensely knowledgable about the vast history of Berlin, Nickolai was for us the true star of our entire three-day trip to Berlin. We all felt his perspective was well-founded, well-researched, and well-explained. More than all of that though, it was his contagious passion and clear excitement for the city's history that truly made our four hours with him memorable, enjoyable, and something we were all instantly eager to recommend to our friends and family.“


Nickolai once eloquently put it like this: His roots are Bulgarian, his brain is American, his body likes to be in Germany but his heart is in Israel. This about sums up his heritage. His youth was spent between Bulgaria and the US, where he studied Directing and Theatrical Production in Chicago, before moving to Bonn and then finally Berlin in 2006. He’s been a tour guide here for longer than I have – and I’ve had the privilidge to train with him back in the day. Fun fact: He’s been to over 75 countries and counting!


„Ryan is a 12 on a scale of 10! He is an incredibly knowledgable, competent and experienced guide in Berlin. But he is a lot more than that. He has deep insight into the history, politics, culture and humanity that have evolved in Berlin over the last century. And he is a great communicator while also being a fun and engaging companion during his tours. We could not have been happier with our time with Ryan.“


Ryan is from Scotland and you will certainly hear that. He has the best scottish accent ever! After studying Modern History and Literature in Glasgow, he moved to Berlin in 2008, did his first tours one year later and quickly became one of the most sought after guides in town. He regularly uploads educational videos about Berlin under the name „Berlin Reguided“. Definetely check them out!


"Hands down the best tour I’ve ever taken. Tina was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the city of Berlin and its history. She was warm, charismatic and engaging, sensitive to our group’s needs and flexible when it came to working in bathroom and coffee breaks when needed. We haven’t stopped talking about how great our experience with Tina was since. I can’t recommend Tina’s tours highly enough and would give her 100 stars if possible."


Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Tina's journey into history began early, fueled by a fascination with humanity that led her to study psychology at the University of Queensland. Her love affair with Berlin started during a packed history vacation in 2017, where she immersed herself in tours, museums, and historical sites. Expecting melancholy, she instead found a city fiercely alive and defiantly vibrant. Tina's decision to settle in Berlin was driven by her deep passion for its multifaceted layers—from politics to architecture, films, arts, and the city's eclectic locals. Fluent in German, Tina's guiding style is energetic, curious, and deeply engaged. As a member of the Berlin Guides Association, she brings Berlin's complex history to life with vibrancy and enthusiasm, ensuring every tour is a captivating exploration of the city's past and present.


„Anika was great. She entertained questions we had, and it was exciting to get an insider's perspective. She had an engaging style we enjoyed. We will think about some of her points for a while. In fact we were invigorated by her discussions. We got to see a lot of things we would not have seen otherwise. If you want an insider's take on Berlin, Anika is your tour guide.“


Anika grew up in West Germany’s Ruhr area, but decided to make Berlin her home in 2012 after studying in Sheffield. With a huge passion for history and for contemporary Berlin, she became a local guide in 2016. She can tell you everything from Prussian Kings to the Berlin Wall - so unsurprisingly she's one of my most popular colleagues. She's also my expert for street art and alternative tours, as she’s been part of that scene herself since she was a teenager. 


„Dennis is extremely knowledgeable, very personable and a delightful person. Our six hours flew by and he was happy to accommodate our individual needs. He answered all our questions (some very difficult!) with both clarity and detail. A really nice guy, too.“


Dennis is also one of those rare „born and bred“ Berliners and the Berlin Story Teller. He grew up in what was then the American sector of West Berlin and has been a tour guide since 2007. Not only did we know each other as guides right from the start – we also studied History together at the University of Potsdam (though he also got a degree in German Literature). He’s a great story teller and Berlin enthusiast. And we may have a little competition going as to who has travelled to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Don’t ask him who’s currently winning.


"Ioana is AMAZING! She is incredibly knowledgeable & I appreciated her expertise when touring Berlin! I would recommend her to anyone going to Berlin who is looking for a thorough and exciting tour of the city. She also provided additional details about things to do in our free time. Overall, I truly believe that Ioana is best tour guide we could’ve gotten!"


Ioana, originally from Romania, has embraced a cosmopolitan lifestyle, having resided, studied, and worked in various countries including the US and Belgium, before settling in Berlin 15 years ago. She holds a graduate degree in German history and Jewish studies from Touro College New York and the Lander Institute Berlin, as well as another in Diplomacy and International Relations from the prestigious College d'Europe in Bruges. With over a decade of experience, she has been dedicated to guiding others. During her leisure time, she enjoys exploring Berlin's dynamic landscape, often seen zipping around on her high-speed bicycle.

Profile Stadt Schloss Autumn Full Resolution WEB 1500.jpg

„Jonny our tour guide was the very best. Funny, extremely informative, professional.. an amazing walking tour... highly recommend! Ask for Johnny - u will not be disappointed.“


Jonny grew up in Nottingham, England, but has lived in Berlin since 2010 – the same year he became a guide. He studied Politics and Sociology in Newcastle and Copenhagen. He rose to fame as one of Berlin's most popular history bloggers with over 30.000 subscribers on Instagram. He has a great sense of humor - and his tours are enganging and educational. Fun fact: a picture of him went viral when a man in Missouri found him online and dressed up as him.


„Martin is impressively knowledgeable, an excellent public speaker, fun, clear, has a wicked sense of humor that kept us all engaged and interested for the entire tour.
We can't thank him enough for making us discover and love Berlin.“


Martin is the guide with the beard. And with the stories! He has an East German backgound just like me, as he grew up just outside of Berlin – in the small town of Oranienburg, where he worked for 11 years as a guide and receptionist in the memorial and former Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen. He studied English and Social Sciences at the Humboldt University and has been guiding on the streets of Berlin since 2015. He has a daughter almost the same age as my son, so we’re both lacking the same amount of sleep.

Pip Guiding photo.jpeg

„You must request Phillipa (aka Pip) because she was incredible! We have traveled to many cities and taken many tours, but Pip was by far the best guide we have had. She perfectly weaved the dark history of the city in with the modern city of Berlin, and brought humor and fun to the entire thing.“


Pip hails from Merseyside near Liverpool and has been a Berlin resident since 2013. She has 10+ years experience as a guide and also works as programme coordinator for international students. In her freetime she can be found on the comedy improv stages of Berlin, where she's part of an award-winning improv group. Pip studied History in Liverpool and Gender History in Edinburgh. And she currently co-hosts an amazing podcast on Berlin's history


„Summer was an amazing guide, describing the history with passion, humour, and the necessary emotional context, whether it was something joyful or somber. We all learned so much. We left feeling fortunate to have met Summer and getting a memorable tour in one of the world's most complex cities. Danke!“


Summer moved to Berlin from the desert in California in 2008, where she became a guide one year later. She studied art history and philosophy at Yale and has a MA in art/literature from Uni Potsdam. If not guiding, she can be found translating for theaters or teaching improv. Summer is a part time comedian and you’ll recognize her in the „East Germany“ video on my homepage. Her tours are extra fun and engaging. Plus: She organized a flash-mob toga party on Museum Island once.

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