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Discover the Real Berlin: Alternative Berlin Private Tour

"My friends and I were only in Berlin for a few days and we took this tour on our last day, but wished we had taken it on our first. Our tour guide, Matti, was fantastic -- super friendly and knowledgable and a native Berliner whose love of his city was infectious. The tour took us all over Berlin, learning tons of history and seeing art and sights we never would've found on our own. I highly recommend taking this tour especially if you want to fully experience Berlin beyond the main, big tourist sights and have fun doing so."

Image by Pablo Hermoso

Prepare yourself to uncover the authentic essence of Berlin! This isn't your typical tour; it's a journey into the beating heart of the city's creative spirit. Immerse yourself in the explosive energy of Berlin's vibrant street art scene, where every mural and graffiti tells a story. Explore the city's bohemian culture, discovering hidden gems and the coolest neighborhoods that resonate with an eclectic mix of art, music, and innovation.


From eccentric and abandoned landmarks that speak volumes about Berlin's unconventional charm to quirky local markets that pulse with the city's soul, this tour takes you off the conventional tourist path and unveils a side of Berlin that often goes unnoticed. Embark on a journey through Berlin's vibrant districts like Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, and Schöneberg, where the unconventional melds seamlessly with multicultural influences. These areas are known for their quirky charm and eclectic mix of galleries, cafes, and street art

On this tour spontaneity rules and surprises await at every turn. There's no set route or itiniary; instead, we'll traverse the city's hippest neighborhoods, revealing the offbeat treasures that define Berlin's edgy and alternative spirit. Your pace becomes the rhythm of our exploration, and I'll be your knowledgeable guide, leading you through an unforgettable adventure that commences and concludes conveniently at your hotel or any central location you desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this tour?

The duration of the tour is quite flexible and tailored to your preferences. Typically, it spans 2 to 4 hours, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the hidden treasures of Berlin. However, given the vast array of fascinating sites and stories tucked away in the city, the tour can easily be extended to accommodate more exploration. There's a wealth of intriguing places to discover, allowing us to adapt and elongate the tour, ensuring you don't miss out on any captivating spots along the way.

How much would a private Berlin tour cost?

Private tour costs can vary widely, generally falling between 50 and 100 euros per hour. However, the final price can be influenced by various factors like duration, group size, inclusions, and customization. Additionally, the use of private cars or buses for transportation during the tour can increase the overall cost. For accurate pricing based on your preferences and transportation needs, it's best to directly inquire with me.

What is the best way to get around Berlin?

Berlin is very walkable, especially its center. For this tour we will need to catch public transport as well. However if this doesn't suit you, hiring a car or bus might be more practical and can be arranged.

Where is the best graffiti in Berlin?

Some of the most impressive graffiti in Berlin can be discovered at various hotspots across the city. The East Side Gallery boasts an extensive stretch of the Berlin Wall adorned with vibrant murals by artists from around the world, each piece telling a unique story. Neighborhoods like Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are vibrant hubs showcasing ever-evolving street art scenes, with alleys and building facades serving as canvases for local and international artists. The Street Art Museum in Schöneberg houses an eclectic collection of urban art, offering a curated glimpse into Berlin's graffiti culture. Teufelsberg, a former US listening station, has become an open-air gallery adorned with striking graffiti, while Urban Spree, a creative space in Friedrichshain, hosts exhibitions, murals, and live painting sessions, adding to Berlin's thriving street art landscape. These areas serve as showcases for the city's dynamic and expressive street art scene, reflecting Berlin's creative energy and cultural diversity.

What are Berlin's coolest districts?

Berlin is a treasure trove of eclectic neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm. Kreuzberg is renowned for its vibrant street art, multicultural vibe, and thriving nightlife, offering a blend of cultures and a lively atmosphere. Friedrichshain is another hot spot, with its alternative scene, trendy bars, and an array of street art-filled streets. Prenzlauer Berg exudes a more laid-back yet artsy ambiance, boasting leafy streets, quaint cafes, and a family-friendly environment. Neukölln has transformed into a hip and diverse area, known for its creative spirit, bustling markets, and multicultural eateries. Schöneberg, historically significant and culturally diverse, charms visitors with its mix of old-world elegance and modernity, including its street art museum and LGBTQ+ scene. These districts collectively contribute to Berlin's vibrant and diverse character, each offering a unique experience worth exploring.

Why is Berlin so artsy?

Berlin's artistic vibrancy stems from its history, diverse population, and open-minded atmosphere. The city's rich past of change and rebellion, combined with affordable living and ample space, attracts creatives worldwide. It's a melting pot of cultures, fostering a spirit of expression and innovation. From established art institutions to underground galleries and a legendary nightlife scene, Berlin offers a dynamic environment where artists find inspiration and freedom to create.

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