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Private Tours of Berlin with Matti

Discover Berlin with one of the city's best-rated guides – a born-and-raised Berliner


Discover Berlin with my most sought-after tours, designed to suit diverse interests. For first-time explorers, my half-day highlights tour offers a perfect introduction to Berlin's must-see attractions. Alternatively, maximize your experience with a full-day extravaganza, immersing yourself further in the city's history and culture. Delve into specific themes with my dedicated Third Reich and Berlin Wall tours or opt for off-the-beaten-path adventures. For an enriching day trip, explore Potsdam, a favorite among travelers seeking a captivating escape from Berlin's bustle. If these tours don't align with your preferences, let's customize a unique tour just for you. Explore my top-rated tours and reach out for a personalized quote. Let's craft the perfect itinerary and make your Berlin visit an unforgettable adventure!

All of Berlin in one day - Custom Tour
Potsdam Tour
Berlin Wall Tour
Berlin - Off the Beaten Path Tour
WW2 & Hitler's Berlin Private Tour
Berlin Private Tour

My Most Popular Tours:

Are these tours not quite what you're seeking? I offer a variety of other sought-after tours that cater to different tastes and curiosities. Explore diverse themes, from Architecture to Alternative Scenes, or dive deeper into the history and contrasts of East and West Berlin. Delve into the rich heritage with the Jewish Berlin tour or opt for visits to specific cemeteries, offering unique insights into Berlin's past. If any of these tours pique your interest or could complement your Berlin experience, let me know. I'm here to customize them, aligning with your preferences and schedule, ensuring an immersive and tailored exploration of Berlin.

Jewish Berlin Tour
Berlin Cemetery Tour
East Berlin Tour
West Berlin Tour
Alternative Berlin Tour
Berlin Architecture Tour

More Tour Ideas:

Additionally, I offer captivating neighborhood tours across some of Berlin's most intriguing districts, known as "Kiez" by locals. Explore the charming Prenzlauer Berg, uncover the lesser-known gems of Weissensee, or immerse yourself in the vibrant diversity of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Discover the heart of West Berlin with a tour through Charlottenburg's historical streets. Explore what makes these Berlin neighborhoods so special with these concise yet insightful walks!

Neighborhood Walks:

Prenzlauer Berg Tour
Weißensee Tour
Friedrichshain Kreuzberg Tour
Charlottenburg Tours

Haven't discovered the perfect tour yet? Do not worry! I'm dedicated to crafting your ideal Berlin experience. Share your tour preferences, and I'll tailor a personalized itinerary that aligns perfectly with your interests and needs. Contact me with your tour ideas, and let's create an unforgettable journey together.

Special Tours:

Cruiseship Tours to Berlin

Cruise Ship

Are you going on a baltic cruise with a docking in Warnemünde, and want to do an excursion to Berlin for a day? I got you covered! I can provide transport to and from your ship and show you as much of Berlin as possible!

Student Tours of Berlin
GAPP Berlin Tours

Student Groups

You're a teacher travelling to Berlin with a group of high school or college students? I'd love to show you around! And if you're a GAPP-teacher, just let me know! I'll give you a special discount.  

VIP Tours of Berlin


You're an agency, a manager or concierge representing a VIP who wishes to do a (discreet) tour of Berlin? I have shown around celebreties and can help you out! 

Image by Elevate

Partner Tours:

Looking for delicious food tours or a tasty craft beer tour?

Introducing Walk With Us Tours - your gateway to the heart of Berlin's culinary and cultural scene! 


Their handcrafted tours take you off the beaten path to uncover the city's hidden culinary treasures in small, intimate groups. With highly recommended tours and personalized experiences, Walk With Us Tours promises unforgettable culinary adventures.

Join the Berlin Gourmet Food Tour, where you'll be guided through the flavors of former East Berlin. Or embark on their Berlin Craft Beer Tour, indulging in handcrafted brews from microbreweries and brewpubs, paired with savory homemade bites. For a taste of global cuisine, join their Berlin Street Food Tour, where you'll explore the city's vibrant history through its street food scene. And for vegan delights, don't miss their Berlin Vegan Food Tour, showcasing the city's renowned vegan-friendly offerings.


Book now and let them guide you through the flavors of Berlin's diverse culinary landscape!

"Matti's enthusiasm for Berlin and its landmarks rubbed off onto all of us and made it one that will remain with me for a long time to come."

"Had he not mentioned the fact that he was a native german speaker, we would not have picked it. Matti had time for each and every question and as such the interests of the wide variety of our group were well covered."

"Our walking tour with Matti was outstanding! He was informative, enthusiastic and a pleasure to explore the city with. He had so much information to share and incorporated stories along with it so you could truly relate to what he was sharing."

"Matti, our tour guide, was extremely affable and knowledgable. He also had a great sense of humour. Highly recommended."


"Matti greeted me with a hello and a smile. I knew then that the experience was going to be wonderful. I didn't ask many questions because as soon as I thought of one, he answered it before I could ask. He was extremely pleasant and polite, and I appreciated his sense of humor. His voice is smooth and easy to listen to. I wish I could take him with me and have him show me the rest of Europe. Ask for Matti. You won't be disappointed."

"What a brilliant tour and Matti was excellent. The tour flew over, Matti knew so much about the city. I really didn't think we would learn as much as we did. Great value for money Matti made it fun, entertaining, educational, cant say enough about him and the tour. Thank you Matti!"

"A balanced mixture of history and fun coming from a person that obviously loves and enjoyes his job!"

"Matti - Super guide who delivered the tour with perfection. He knew all that was to know of Berlin and delivered it in an informative and friendly manner."

"Matti was our guide and he was very enthusiastic, humorous and knew a lot of interesting historical facts. He told us just enough (to keep our attention continuously), and not to much (for the easily distracted ones)! It's a pity Matti wasn't my history teacher when I went to highschool because I would have had higher grades and a more interesting time in class! People just book this tour, you wouldn't regret a single minute."

"Matti being a local gave us several family anecdotes referencing his own family's life in East Germany which made a lot of things more relevant. I would gladly recommend this tour company and Matti as am excellent way to get a good idea of Berlin and it's colourful history."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are private tours better?

Private tours are better due to personalized experiences tailored to your preferences. With a private tour, you dictate the pace, itinerary, and interests, ensuring a more intimate and flexible exploration of the destination. This allows for deeper engagement, specialized insights, and a focus on your specific interests, providing a more enriched and memorable experience compared to standardized group tours.

How much would a private Berlin tour cost?

Private Berlin tour costs can vary widely, generally falling between 50 and 100 euros per hour. However, the final price can be influenced by various factors like duration, group size, inclusions, and customization. Additionally, the use of private cars or buses for transportation during the tour can increase the overall cost. For accurate pricing based on your preferences and transportation needs, it's best to directly inquire with me.

What is the best way to get around Berlin?

The best way to get around Berlin is by walking. Berlin is very walkable, especially its center. We can easily cover all the main sights and stories by foot at a pace set by you. However, if you're having a hard time walking or want to explore farther areas, public transport or hiring a car might be more practical and can be arranged.

How much time do you need to tour Berlin?

The ideal duration for touring Berlin can vary based on individual preferences and the depth of exploration desired. To cover the major highlights and get a feel for the city's ambiance, even just 3 hours could suffice. However, for a more immersive experience, especially if you're interested in museums, historical sites, and exploring diverse neighborhoods, extending your stay to 5 days and doing multiple tours might be more fulfilling. Berlin offers a rich history, culture, and attractions, so the length of your stay ultimately depends on your interests and how deeply you wish to delve into what the city has to offer. However long you decide to stay, I'm here to help you make the most of your days!

How do I book a private Berlin tour?

To book a tour, simply send a message at the bottom of this page, email me at, or reach out via WhatsApp at +4917666889797. I'll get back to you promptly with a quote. If you haven't heard from me within 24 hours, check your spam folder as I always respond. You can confirm or inquire further once you receive my quote. Looking forward to assisting you with your tour plans!

How large can my group be?

Typically, for private experiences with families or friends, groups of 1 to 10 people work well. However, I can accommodate larger groups such as students or colleagues, up to 35 individuals. If your group exceeds this size, I recommend hiring a second guide, which I can easily arrange for you. This ensures everyone has a fantastic and personalized experience during the tour.

Are private tours of Berlin kid friendly?

Absolutely! A private tour of Berlin can be incredibly kid-friendly. I can tailor the tour to accommodate the interests and attention spans of children, ensuring an engaging and educational experience for them. Plus, I can incorporate activities and stories that are engaging and age-appropriate. Just let me know if there are specific interests or preferences your kids have, and I'll make sure the tour is enjoyable for the whole family!

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