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How to navigate luggage storage in Berlin

Across Berlin’s many distinctive neighborhoods, you’ll enjoy rich historical and cultural offerings catering to a myriad of different tastes. There’s a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional culture to enjoy, and it explains the city’s enduring popularity with every type of traveler. 

Because of Berlin’s complicated past and grimy tapestry, there’s a mystique to the city that still appeals to creatives despite the economic renaissance that’s turned it into one of the most beautiful urban settings in Europe. 

In the past few decades, Germany’s capital has gone through one of the most drastic evolutions of any city in the world. The vibrant and endlessly hip metropolis you see today is a far cry from the drab cityscape of the Cold War years. Whether you’re visiting the Berlin Wall or 18th-century palaces, you can still uncover the city’s complicated past along with delving back into Prussian history. 

If you've just arrived in Berlin and don't want to log the bags around while you're sightseeing, you’ll want to find a place to stash them for a few hours. Visit a Bounce luggage storage location in Berlin before you head out exploring to keep things simple. Here's a quick guide for finding convenient luggage storage in Berlin:

Top transportation hubs in Berlin 

Depending on how you’re planning on getting around Berlin, finding a place to store luggage near top train stations and metro stops can help you make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few to look out for: 

  • Luggage storage at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station): The busiest train station in Berlin, many visitors will take long-distance trains from other European cities to reach Central Berlin. It's also a stop on various local metro routes. There are luggage storage locations nearby which can be useful for sightseeing upon arrival at Berlin Central Station.

  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport luggage storage: Berlin’s shiny new airport, though controversial with locals, is one of the busiest in Germany. It's situated outside the city in Schönefeld and handles domestic and international flights. It's not really near any sightseeing destinations, but there are luggage lockers on site for layovers. Finding a storage space closer to landmarks and attractions might be easier.    

  • Alexanderplatz luggage storage: This expansive public square in Mitte also functions as a transit hub served by the U-Bahn (subway), the S-Bahn (commuter rail), trams, and bus routes. It's centrally located near plenty of Berlin’s top things to do along with being a useful base for exploring other parts of the city. You'll have an easy time finding a Bounce storage for when you want to get around. 

  • Luggage storage near Berlin Ostbahnhof (Berlin East Station): Situated near the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery in Friedrichshain, this major railway station is a hub for long-distance and regional trains, along with S-Bahn services to other parts of Berlin. Whether you’re staying in the area or simply stopping by the Berlin Wall, you can rely on ample luggage storage options nearby. 

Finding luggage storage near the top attractions and landmarks

Berlin is big enough so that just about anybody can find something suited exactly to their interests. That doesn’t make it any easier to put together your ideal itinerary during your trip to this vast metropolis. You should do your homework before heading to Berlin, but here are a few of the greatest hits (and where you’ll want to stash the bags). 

  • Luggage storage near Museum Island (Museumsinsel): Located right in the heart of Berlin on Spree Island, this complex of five historic buildings (originally built for Prussian royalty) houses some of the greatest collections of historical and archaeological artifacts in the world. To fully explore the various museums, you'll want to stop by a luggage storage spot to avoid the long queues for the storage lockers. 

  • Luggage storage near the Berlin Wall: By far the most famous landmark in the city, the Berlin Wall hardly needs an introduction. The remains of the barrier that divided East and West Berlin have been preserved and repurposed into an art gallery featuring poignant and evocative works. 

  • Brandenburg Gate luggage storage: This glorious landmark is the closest thing to a must-see as you’ll find in any city. The Brandenburger Tor used to represent the division between East and West Germany during the Cold War but now stands as a monument celebrating the unification of the country. 


The trendiest spots in Berlin 

Berlin's famous nightlife scene is accompanied by some of the hippest neighborhoods in Europe. With incredible contemporary cuisine along with effortlessly cool cafés and shops, there's a reason so many twenty-something travelers make Berlin their preferred European travel destination.

  • Luggage storage at Tempelhofer Feld: This airfield, originally built by the Nazis like so much other infrastructure, has been repurposed into a public park and hipster haven. It's most famous as the setting of the Berlin airlift event of 1949, but this gorgeous and expansive airfield features acres of cycling paths, beer gardens, mini golf courses, a skate park, and countless art installations. For locals and tourists alike, Tempelhofer is a place to see and be seen.

  • Friedrichshain luggage storage: This neighborhood has seen a complete transformation since its days as one of the more rundown areas of Cold War Berlin. With the East Side Gallery and remains of the Berlin Wall within walking distance, Friedrichshain is understandably a top destination for international travelers. Once you've admired the artwork, you can explore the many cafés and music venues. One of the highlights of the neighborhood is the number of vintage cinemas. The main hotspot is the Boxhagener Platz, which hosts a street food market (prepare to become well acquainted with doner kebabs). The neighborhood is also where you’ll find techno mecca Berghain, which is by far the most famous nightclub in the world. 

  • Luggage storage in Kreuzberg: What was once a seedy hangout for Berlin punks is now one of the chicest and hippest neighborhoods in the capital. Kreuzberg is essentially located and is lined with scrappy music venues, buzzy natural wine bars, boutiques, record shops, coffee roasters, and vintage stores. So in other words, hipsters….

How it works with Bounce 

While you're planning your trip to Berlin, log onto the Bounce website or download the mobile app to use the handy search function to find the most convenient luggage storage locations. Once you've selected your storage spot, you plug in specifics like the number of bags and the duration of your visit. Then, you'll receive a QR confirmation code to use when checking your bags in. This also ensures only you will have access to your belongings.

Once you reach Berlin, head to the luggage storage spot and show the QR confirmation code to the attendant to check in. Maybe stick around to ask for some local recommendations, but once you hand the bags over, you'll be set to enjoy the German capital! 

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