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What City Tours Can You Take in Potsdam?

Welcome to my blog about the diverse city tours available in Potsdam! My name is Matti, and I've been a passionate city guide in Potsdam since 2008. Having moved from Berlin to Potsdam after our son was born, I now know and love every corner of this beautiful city. Sharing both well-known and hidden spots with visitors brings me great joy. With my extensive experience, I can adapt to various requests. I am a licensed guide of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation. Here are the typical tour options I offer:

Tour Options

  • By Public Transport and Walking: This tour usually starts at Potsdam's main train station and includes walks through the city and gardens. Perfect for those visiting Berlin who want to spend just one day in Potsdam. Within Potsdam, we use trams and buses, or walk as much as you prefer. The tour ends either back at Potsdam's main train station or at a location of your choice, allowing for a visit to a palace or a stroll through the old town.

  • By Car: Meeting point at the Glienicke Bridge, from where we continue comfortably by car. Most major sights have parking for cars and buses. Vehicles are not allowed inside palace gardens, so walking is required there.

  • Long Tour: An extended tour to explore as many attractions as possible.

  • Shorter, Specialized Tours: Focused visits to specific palaces or neighborhoods.

The meeting point varies according to preference: either at your hotel, in the city center at the Old Market, or another agreed location.

Tour Details

  • Tour Length: The duration depends on how much you want to see and whether you wish to visit the palaces' interiors. Each palace visit takes about 45 minutes. A prior reservation is necessary for Sanssouci Palace, with the tour typically conducted using an audio guide. Below, you can see the estimated time required for each stop.

  • Transport Options:

  • Public Transport and Walking: Some buses (e.g., to Cecilienhof Palace) run only every 20-30 minutes, which can cause waiting times. A rental car or tour bus ensures a smoother experience but is not essential. Potsdam is in Berlin's C zone or Potsdam's AB zone.

  • Hop-on-Hop-off Buses: A good alternative for self-guided tours if you prefer not to have a guide.

Key Stops

  • Depending on how many stops you wish to include, the duration of the city tour will vary.

  • Potsdam City Center: Home to numerous historical and cultural highlights such as the Old and New Market, the Dutch Quarter, and the Brandenburg Gate. A typical walking tour of the city center takes about an hour, plus time for breaks. By car, shorter stops in the Dutch Quarter and Old Market are possible.

  • Sanssouci Palace and Park: A must-see for any visitor. This magnificent Rococo palace was Frederick the Great's summer residence, often dubbed the Prussian Versailles. The expansive park features many buildings and attractions like the Church of Peace, the Orangery Palace, the Chinese House, and the New Palace. Allocate at least an hour for the garden. A traditional custom is to place potatoes on Frederick the Great's grave. By car, we can make stops at Sanssouci Palace, the New Palace, and the Church of Peace.

  • New Garden: Featuring Cecilienhof Palace, known for the Potsdam Conference, and the Marble Palace. Depending on your interest, a tour through the garden lasts between 20 minutes (with a short stop at Cecilienhof) and an hour if you want to see more of the New Garden.

  • Glienicke Bridge: Used during the Cold War for spy exchanges, it offers great views of Babelsberg Palace. A short walk across the bridge takes about 5 minutes. On foot, we typically continue to the Norwegian Sailor's Station and Cecilienhof Palace, which takes about 30 minutes. By car, we only stop at the bridge.

  • Alexandrowka: A Russian colony village with unique architecture, worth a visit. Built in the early 19th century for Russian singers, it is now an open-air museum. A brief visit lasts about 10 minutes.

There are many other sights in Potsdam that can be included in the tour based on your interests. For example:

  • Babelsberg Park: Known for its beautiful palace and diverse gardens designed by Peter Joseph Lenné and Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. The park offers stunning views of the Havel River and is perfect for long walks. Plan about an hour here.

  • Krongut Bornstedt and Lindstedt Palace: Historical residences north of Sanssouci Park. Krongut is a former manor with picturesque buildings and its own brewery, while Lindstedt Palace impresses with its neoclassical architecture. Both provide insights into Prussian history and culture.

  • Tour Along the Former Wall in the New Garden: An exciting journey into recent history. The route passes historical sites like the Klein-Glienicke exclave and ends at the Meierei beer garden, where you can relax with a drink. This tour is best done by bike, which can be rented at Potsdam's main train station. The tour takes about 2 hours.

  • Babelsberg Villa Colony: Not only interesting for its magnificent villas but also for its significance in Allied history. During the Potsdam Conference, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Harry Truman stayed here. It is also where Truman ordered the atomic bomb drop.

  • Historic Weberhäuser and Former Town Hall in Babelsberg: This district is also known for the famous film studios and Filmpark Babelsberg, which offer their own tours.

  • Alexander House in Groß Glienicke: This historical building offers guided tours twice a week, providing fascinating insights into its history and architecture.


These are some of the diverse city tour options I offer in Potsdam. I am open to all inquiries and look forward to showing you my beloved city! Feel free to contact me to plan your tour.

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