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Berlin Wall Tour: Must-See Art & Graffiti Spots

If you've been thinking about taking a Berlin wall tour then there's never been a better time to finally make it happen and take in all the historic sights. The East Side Gallery is just one stop on the way to the must-see art and graffiti spots around the great city of Berlin. From West Berlin to East Berlin, there's always something to draw your attention and fascinate your mind.

The former border strip is filled with street art that you can't find anywhere else in the world.

Discover the history of the Berlin Wall

The history of the Berlin Wall is vast and the best way to discover all of it is to take a private Berlin Wall tour that, not only brings you to the wall, but points of interest all around Berlin. Taking the time to explore both the eastern side and west Berlin will give you a true appreciation of the city and its people. Even a simple walk down Bernauer Strasse or a trip to Prenzlauer Berg will be unforgettable with the right tour guide.

Not only will you have the best chance to learn the history of Berlin, but you'll also get to hear stories from the people who live and work in the city that you want to explore. Your expert guide will help you visit the most fascinating parts of Germany instead of simply heading to a museum to take pictures inside a building. Of course, the quality of your experience will vary depending on the type of tour you decide to take.

Public Guided Tours

Public guided tours are great ways to explore the German capital but you won't have the freedom that you can enjoy with a private option that lets you live through the city's past and work through its timeline. Your guide can highlight the things you want to visit with your family and you'll have access that a public tour guide won't have. Whether you want to spend a week or only a morning at the Berlin Wall on your way to Amsterdam, a private tour is the way to go.

Public guided tours may seem like a good option to save money and get free stuff from Berlin museums, but the combination of strict itineraries and touring with other families can be tough. If you get separated from your tour, you'll lose out on lots of information until you exit the location and meet back up with your group. If you want you and your children to remember the places you've visited for the rest of your lives then you can't beat a private tour.

Vivid History

Visiting Berlin from October through November may be the best way to get a sense of the division caused by the wall and cover the greatest distance possible. That's because it's a time of year when fewer people are touring the city and you'll be right in the middle of it all. You'll be able to take in the art scene that now inhabits the spot where the Allied soldiers once stood at the end of the war.

Understanding the history of the once-divided city will make you fully appreciate the changes that have happened over the years. Artistic creation is now a large part of the city's inhabitants' lives and you'll be able to take it all in as you cross the streets of each half of it. Once you understand what modern life is like in Berlin, its past will come to life.

Tour guide

No matter what the length of your Berlin wall tour happens to be, you'll need a tour guide who knows the area and the best spots for art around the city. A tour of the City Palace is always going to be better when you have your tour guide to point out the best pieces that it has to offer. You'll also get to hear insightful stories about Germany while you visit a gallery or just take in the outdoor art installations people have put up.

Your tour guide will also know where future installations are going up so you can see the construction as it happens. Whether you're alone or with children, you'll have plenty to do in the city, from morning until night.

The Berlin Wall: Museums, Sites, and Memorials

Art is a big part of Berlin and you and your family will love getting to tour museums, memorials, and sites with exhibits throughout the city. The East Side Gallery, for example, is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Berlin and a place you have to visit at least once on your tour. Your guide will be able to explain the entire thing and what all of the art pieces mean.

Memorials are a great way to learn about life in Berlin and what its people choose to remember daily. History comes through the art, whether you're in the East or the West, and you walk along the streets to find them on almost every corner. The division that the city once went through is clear and its effects can be seen in museums and at Berlin Wall Memorial.

Historic places in Berlin

Of course, the biggest reason to visit Berlin is to get a sense of the history that the city has to show you and all the other visitors that tour it and take in its art. The former border strip is a very popular destination that's filled with art and your tour guide will be able to show you every aspect of it. Once you start getting a deeper understanding of the city's art, you'll also get a better understanding of the people who live there today.

History is always the best way to understand a population and your tour will include everything there is to learn about it. From street art to museum exhibits, history is understood through art and Berlin has more of it to offer than most other cities in Europe. That's why it should be your next destination if you love to travel and want to learn as much about the art of a historic city as you can.

Private Tours are Waiting

There's a private tour of Berlin just waiting for you and you can finally take in the art scene and learn about the history of the city right now. Your guide will be able to suggest the best spots to visit and you can choose your itinerary from them.

There's no reason to put off your Berlin trip any longer than you already have and the city is just as welcoming as you've always heard. Choose your guide and start planning your trip today.

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