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Family-Friendly Berlin Tours Everyone Will Love

Updated: Mar 6

The best way to see Berlin is to go on a tour with a personal tour guide - someone who grew up in the city and knows about its hidden gems, charming communities, and palaces.

Berlin City, Germany Family Travel Tips

Before you embark, below are tips for making the most of Potsdam and Berlin tours for the family

● Kiddy Carriers: Yes, Berlin is walkable, but small legs tire. So, embrace the stroller, baby backpack, or for the gladiator parent – piggyback ride.

● Snack Pact: Make sure you have a steady supply of pretzels, bratwurst bites, and – because you’re super cool – Haribo gummies.

● Be Weather-Ready: Berlin is infamous for its meteorological mood swings. Dress in layers to ensure you’re comfortable before you getyourguide and tour Potsdam and Berlin tours for the family.

● Plan Several Private Tours: Have destinations in mind but let the city’s charisma guide you. Some great adventures await, especially when you plan a tour ahead of time.

While you may want to see some of the historic sites, such as the Berlin Wall, you will also benefit from exploring interesting landmarks in some of the city’s quaint neighborhoods. For example, a walk through Prenzlauer Berg is one stroll you’ll want to take when checking the availability of walking Berlin tours.

Tours take, on average, two to three hours and are well worth the time. So, let’s look at some highlights under the list of Berlin family-friendly excursions below.

Take a Top Sights Tour: The Most Popular Way to Explore Berlin!

● Berlin is a city that has shown its resilience, and therefore is full of stories waiting to be explored. Learn the soul of Berlin by visiting its famous landmarks, which include the iconic Brandenburg Gate, evocative Checkpoint Charlie, the outstanding Reichstag building, and beautiful Museum Island , a cradle of history awaiting discovery.

● You’ll savor the Prussian architecture at Gendarmenmarkt - a stark contrast with the variety of newer buildings along the route. See the place where Einstein became famous and learn about what happened across from his university after he'd left the country, when the Nazis burned 20.000 books here.

● An excursion of activities on Berlin sightseeing tours may take you to Hackescher Markt where you’ll visit old-time Jewish Berlin. You’ll discover Grosse Hamburger Strasse, filled with endless tales, and travel the subway to the oldest part of Berlin. During your Berlin City tour, you’ll learn where Napoleon once dined and find yourself mesmerized by magical courtyards where German emperors and their guests once walked, danced, or dined.

Taking a Less-Traveled Path in Berlin City, Germany - A Day Trip for Children and Families

● Prenzlauer Berg. You won’t want to miss taking a tour of Prenzlauer Berg, with its blend of trend-setting sites and historic architecture. Check out Kastanienallee, a street featuring eclectic boutiques and chic restaurants, or gaze on landmarks like the Kulturbrauerei, a former brewery turned into a buzzing cultural hub. You’ll also delight in the best Currywurst in town. This immersive experience is one you’ll remember the rest of your life. Plus: Prenzlauer Berg has some of the BEST playgrounds in town!

● The Berlin Wall City Historic Site. The Berlin Wall is a must-see tour when you’re visiting Berlin. A tour guide can take you on a thought-provoking tour - one that will make you stop and reflect. You’ll listen to some compelling stories - about the people who dared to escape and those who were unable to get past the barrier.

○ The tour begins at Bornholmer Strasse, where the collapse of the wall marked a turning point in history. You'll travel by train to previous ghost stations and the Berlin Wall memorial. You can also venture out to quiet border areas.

○ After you complete your trip--seeing the Death Strip and other landmarks, including the East Side Gallery, you can’t help but stop and think about the unity of the place now - a location that once represented a profound division.

Heading to the Home of the Potsdam Conference and the Sanssouci Palace on your Berlin City Adventure

Potsdam is a place where history books come alive without making your little ones doze off. Potsdam is not only a historian’s delight, but more so Disneyland for history buffs. Potsdam is where the Potsdam Conference took place in 1945. During the meeting, Truman, Churchill and Stalin negotiated the terms for the end of the Second World War.

They say Sanssouci means "without worries," so make the most of family time and enjoy making discoveries among the statues and fountains of Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam!

The essence of Berlin is like an eclectic mosaic – sometimes chaotic, stunningly vibrant and strongly rooted in stories. Whether you’re looking for the pageantry of Potsdam or nice day in one of Berlin's most kid friendly districts, there’s a tour waiting for you - one that will leave every family member--from grandmother to gurgling baby--with something to see and do.

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