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What to Do on a Stag Do in Berlin: A Guide for British Blokes

Updated: Jul 2

So, you and the lads have chosen Berlin for your stag do? Excellent choice, my friends! Berlin's a city that doesn’t do things by halves, making it perfect for a weekend of revelry, adventure, and maybe a smidgen of culture. Whether you're looking to paint the town red, engage in some epic activities, or simply survive the hangover with style, Berlin has got you covered. Here’s the ultimate guide to ensure your stag do in Berlin is nothing short of legendary.

Consider Yourself a "Cultured" Stag Do? Here's Some Tips

If you want to sprinkle in a bit of culture between the pints and parties, Berlin has you covered.

Nightlife and Drinking

Enough with the culture. Let’s not kid ourselves—that's not why you’re here. How about drinks and nightlife? Berlin’s club scene is world-renowned, but it’s also known for its notoriously strict bouncers. Here’s how to navigate the nightlife like a pro.

  • Matrix Club: Yes, it’s where all the pub crawls go, and it’s easy to get in for a bunch of lads. Berlin’s bouncers are famously picky, so this is your safest bet to start the night without hassle. Expect lots of energy, diverse music, and a guaranteed good time.

  • Want a Cool Club Anyway?: If you’re set on hitting one of Berlin’s iconic clubs, such as Tresor, a bit of strategy is required. Show up early, split into small groups, find some local girls to accompany you, and maybe pretend you’re a happy bunch of mates celebrating a promotion at the floral design company you work at. Yes, pretend you’re gay if needed. Do your homework and know who’s playing that night to get past the discerning doorman.

  • Beer Gardens: Always a win. Just show up and enjoy. Prater, Schleusenkrug, Zenner, and Golgatha are top picks. They offer a relaxed vibe, good beer, and the perfect atmosphere to start or end your night.

  • Simon-Dach-Straße or Oranienstraße: These streets are lined with bars and eateries and are popular with tourists and locals alike. Ideal for bar hopping, grabbing some grub, and experiencing the more laid-back side of Berlin nightlife.

  • Oranienburger Straße: This is stag do central. Don’t expect any locals—just a slew of bars and restaurants catering to you and your mates. And yes, you’ll also find strip clubs in the mix.

  • Hofbräuhaus: Tourist trap? Yes. But it’s got loads of Bavarian beer, and you’ll definitely get in. The perfect spot if you want a bit of a German cliché with your pint.

  • Soda Club: Women get in free, men pay, but it’s worth it. It’s closer to what you’d find back in the UK—think more mainstream fun and less Berlin underground. You’ll have a blast, guaranteed.

  • Craft Beer Tour: Swap the pub crawl for a craft beer tour with Walk With Us Tours. It’s a bit classier and perfect for sampling some of Berlin’s finest brews.

  • Eckkneipen: Berlin doesn’t really have anything like traditional pubs in the UK where all ages and classes meet. It’s either trendy bars full of hipsters or smoky Eckkneipen full of...well...characters. If you’ve got your dad, uncles, etc. on your stag do, consider an Eckkneipe. The beer is cheap, it’s packed with locals, and it’s as unpretentious as it gets. These places are old and traditional, and while the staff may not speak English and might poke fun at you, it’s all part of the authentic Berlin experience.

Fun Activities

Now that we’ve got the drinks sorted, let’s dive into some epic activities to make your stag do truly memorable.

  1. Beer Bike Tour: Pedal your way through Berlin while sipping on some cold brews. It’s a fantastic and unique way to see the city with your mates.

  2. Mini Hot-Rod Adventure: Cruise through the streets of Berlin in mini hot rods. It’s an adrenaline-pumping way to see the sights and feel the city’s cool energy.

  3. Paintball: Challenge the lads to a paintball battle. Nothing like a bit of friendly fire to bond the group.

  4. Laser Tag: For a futuristic twist, check out Underground Lasergame. Who doesn’t love a good laser battle?

  5. Boat Party: Take to the waters of the Spree River on a private boat party. Enjoy the views, the drinks, and the company.

  6. Escape Rooms: Put your wits to the test with an escape room adventure. Can your gang solve the puzzles and escape in time?

  7. Karaoke Night: Unleash your inner rockstar at Monster Ronson's Karaoke. Belt out your favorite tunes and cheer on your mates.

Hangover Cures: Restaurants

After a night of indulgence, you’ll need some solid food to recharge. Here are some top spots to hit:

  • Benedict: 24-hour breakfast and brunch. Because sometimes you need pancakes at 3 AM.

  • Schnitzelei: Massive schnitzels that are sure to soak up last night’s alcohol.

  • The Bird: For burgers and steaks. Hearty, greasy, and perfect for a hangover.

  • Chicago Williams BBQ: American-style BBQ that hits the spot.

  • Fleischerei Berlin: Meat lovers’ paradise with top-notch cuts and sides.

There you have it, lads—a guide to making your Berlin stag do one for the books. Enjoy, be safe, and remember, what happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin. Cheers!

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